CAF DT-4080

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Model: CAF DT-4080

DT-4080 (1)


4x8 analog input and output, maximum 20dBu level input and output, support delay and level matching of different signal sources
Standard 4*AES3 input, 8*AES3 output
Optional dante Utimo 4*4 or BK3 8*8 (support dante transmission backup)
Support any 3-level backup of analog audio source, AES3 audio source, and DANTE audio source
Support routing function from any input source to any output port
96KHz24BIT sampling rate
Maximum 20dBu input and output, -95dB noise floor, signal-to-noise ratio reaches 118dB (A-weighted)
Input channel 3* DEQ dynamic equalization adjustment, input and output 2000ms delay function
Input 15-segment PEQ, output 10-segment joint PEQ. 15-segment speaker PEQ, 14 kinds of rich filter adjustment
Support speaker preset function, parameter lock and other functions, can edit the brand's own speaker parameter library
Latest Mconsole V3.X supporting, more powerful control platform
Standard dual 2.0-inch IPS color screen, more personalized and convenient monitoring


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