CAF CL-803+CS-212A

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CL-803+CS-212A Column Speaker Sound System


CAF CL Series loa cột, tích hợp mạch công suất tại loa siêu trầm.


With wooden speaker design, compact size, excellent performance, toughness while ensuring light weight, combined with array arrangement and coupling technology, providing a smooth frequency response curve and a wide coverage angle.

Very high speech intelligibility and high fidelity sound. The compact small cabinet has high sound pressure level output, high fidelity sound reinforcement performance, and can form multiple vertical arrays, which is convenient and quick to install.

Designed for high definition solutions for fixed installation and small mobile sound reinforcement systems. 


language-like sound reinforcement.


Product Model CL-203 CL-403 CL-803
Driver Bass 3” x 2, 19-pin CCAW voice coil

Bass 3” x 4, 19-pin CCAW voice coil


Bass 3” x 8, 19-pin CCAW voice coil
Frequency range(±3dB) 120Hz- 20KHz  48Hz~18.5KHz 116Hz - 20KHz
Voice Coverage 170°  170° 170°
Sensitivity(dB/1M/1W) 92dB 93dB 94dB
MAX SPL 110dB (continuous) / 116dB (peak) 112dB (continuous) / 118dB (peak) 116dB (continuous) / 120dB (peak)
Rate Power(RMS) 60W  80W 100W
MAX Power(PEAK) 240W 320W 400W
Impedance 16Ω
Product Size(HXWXD) 252x116x130 mm  502 X116 X130 mm  928x116x130 mm
Net Weight 2.5 Kg 4.6 Kg 8.65 Kg

CS-212A Active Subwoofer for Column Speakers


Dual 12" active woofer, high power, inverted phase design, powerful and powerful sound dive, bringing more accurate and powerful audio reproduction to the audience; 

Built-in powerful 32bit DSP speaker processing module with gain, crossover, equalization, delay, pressure limit, program memory and other functions, you can directly select the factory default program design, you can also optimize the settings yourself;

Control module: 4 lines/microphone input, 1 set of stereo/Bluetooth/MP3/TF card source input, line or microphone gain setting, APP mobile phone software control, volume/EQ/microphone effect/instrument effect;

Switching power supply design, light weight, stable performance; two-way high efficiency "CLASS-D" power amplifier, high power, low distortion;

The top of the speaker is equipped with a Φ35mm standard size bracket hole, which can be used with a special bracket;

The fan and aluminum radiator are used for cooling to ensure the stability of the power amplifier module. 



Product Model 



2 x 12 inch (300mm) woofer

Frequency range(±3dB) 




Power amplifier module

1 in 2 out of DSP, Class D digital amplifier

Control module

4-channel MIC/Line input, 1 stereo/Bluetooth/MP3/TF card source input
APP mobile phone software control, volume / EQ / microphone effect / instrument effect

Amplifier channel / power

2 channels, 300W/8Ω+300W/8Ω

Input sensitivity

150mV(Line)/ 20mV(Mic)

Supply voltage


Product Size(HXWXD) 


Net Weight 

31.5 Kg


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